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Tile stickers: how to paste, photos

You tile stickers stand out as a new trend in the field of decoration. They are able to renew the look of the kitchen, making it more cheerful, colorful and full of personality.

Stickers with different prints and colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The tile sticker trend

As time went by, the kitchen aesthetics it can fall into monotony or become cloying, especially with the fact that the environment has been transformed into a living area. To avoid this problem, tile stickers were created.

Tile adhesives avoid the traditional breakdown that involves changing the coating. The pieces have the appropriate size and can be applied over the old surface, without dirt or the need for specialized labor.

There are many advantages of adding tile stickers the decorationafter all, the pieces are easy and quick to apply, are resistant to humidity and can also be easily removed from the wall, without causing damage to the original surface.

There are stores that specialize in tile adhesives. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tile adhesives are great for renters, after all, they are able to hide a finish that the resident is displeased with and do not require work inside the house.

On the market, there are many tile sticker templates, which are distinguished in terms of colors and designs. People can also choose personalized figures and have a graphic print them on adhesive vinyl.

Some stores sell tile stickers ready to be glued, as is the case with Gecko Stickers. The site works with exclusive prints and also has pieces that glow in the dark.

How to paste tile stickers?

THE tile adhesive application it is very simple and practical. Check it step by step:

1. Clean the surface where the application will be carried out and remove the items that are in the area.

two. Peel off the liner (white paper), stick the adhesive on the tile and use the silicone spatula to avoid the formation of bubbles.

3. Repeat the same step by step to apply the other parts.

4. After application, the leftovers must be removed with a stylus.

Stickers can be used in different combinations. (Photo: Disclosure)


– The surface where the sticker will be applied needs to be dry, degreased and free of dust.

– A trick to avoid bubbles when applying the adhesive is to spray a solution of water and detergent on the part of the adhesive with glue and also on the ceramic.

– The tile adhesive has an estimated durability of 5 years.

– Once removed, the patch can no longer be used.

tile stickers pictures

See below for a selection of tile stickers pictures and get inspired:

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