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tile stickers for decoration

The kitchen is the most frequented room in a home. This room invites you to receive people, have a snack and toast to life. As it is a very happy environment, there is nothing better than taking the time to change the look of the kitchen, making it more attractive and colorful. Know more about the tile stickers for decoration🇧🇷

Meet the tile stickers to decorate the walls.

Learn how to renovate the home environment, without making a mess. (Photo: publicity)

What this article covers:

Avoiding the Makeover Mess

A good tip to renew the look of the kitchen, without breaking or getting dirty, is to use tile stickers🇧🇷 They are cool and can be used in any environment, including the bathroom. These new features help to break the routine of the environment, in addition to helping to highlight the location. Despite bringing style to the room, experts say that it is important to know how to choose the corner of the kitchen or bathroom that you like best or that needs renovation, to apply the adhesive.

Know the advantages of using adhesive

There are several benefits that tile stickers bring to the residential environment. We have listed some of them below.

  • The application of the adhesive is quick and can be placed in any environment;
  • Avoids the dirt and mess of common renovations, as well as avoiding labor costs;
  • Removing the patch, as well as applying it, is easy. In this way, it can be used anywhere, regardless of whether the property belongs to the resident or not.

    Discover the step-by-step application of the tile adhesive. (Photo: publicity)

Learn more about the application

To carry out the application of tile stickers, the individual will need:

  • Stylus;
  • Silicone spatula or ruler;
  • Detergent solution, prepared with six drops of detergent for every 1 liter of water;
  • Sprayer.

Following step by step

  • First, the person must thoroughly clean the tiles in the kitchen, around two hours before starting the adhesive application;
  • Once the tile is dry, remove the adhesive from the paper that is glued to the back, avoiding crushing the ends of the product. This helps to give the application a perfect finish;
  • To prevent the formation of bubbles during the process of applying the adhesive, just spray the solution of water with detergent at the time of application. It must be done on the adhesive part with glue and on the tile itself.

    Tile stickers make the environment more cheerful. (Photo: publicity)

The new trend for renovating home environments is use tile adhesives🇧🇷 After knowing some tips on how to apply them, just look for the print that you like the most and buy it for the renovation. Friends and family will love the result!

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