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Tile painting: step by step

THE tile painting it is a way to renew the decor, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. However, for the work to have a good result, it is important to follow the technique and use appropriate products.

Through painting, the tile can be revamped. (Photo: Disclosure)

The resident decides paint the tiles in your house when the pieces are very old or out of fashion. Painting, in turn, dispenses with the need for a radical renovation to change the entire finish of the room.

The most common way of painting tiles is the paint application about the colors and the original design of the pottery. There is also the possibility of leaving the wall completely flat, without exposed tilesto apply the new finish.

What this article covers:

The most recommended products

Suvinil Epoxy paint is a recommended product. (Photo: Disclosure)

The paint used in the work needs to be specific, that is, it must have good adherence and resistance to the surface. Here are some product suggestions:

– Catalytic Epoxy, by Lukscolor;

– Novacor Azulejo, by Sherwim-Williams;

– Suvinyl Epoxy;

– Sayerdur Acqua, from Renner Sayerlack;

– Wandepoxy, by Coral;

Step by step for painting the tiles

Check it out below how to paint tiles🇧🇷

Before you start painting, you need to clean the surface well. (Photo: Disclosure)

1. Clean the surface with water and neutral detergent, eliminating traces of dust, dirt and grease. It is important to clean both the ceramic and the grout.

two. If there are flaws in the surface, fill in with spackle. Wait for drying for 24 hours.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for prepare the ink🇧🇷

4. Use a roller to apply the first coat🇧🇷 So that the painting does not have imperfections, it is important to pay more attention to the grout.

5. Wait for the first coat of paint to dry.

6. Run a fine sandpaper over the tiles. Then use a dry cloth to remove the dust.

7. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, apply the second coat of paint🇧🇷

8. If the finish was not enough to cover the colors of the tile, then it is necessary to bet on a third coat of paint.

tips and care

• If the original tile is dark, the third coat of paint is essential.

• To make the tiled surface smooth, just apply acrylic putty on the reliefs of the pieces and on the joints, until uniformity is achieved.

• For the painting to work, the tiles need to be whole and firmly on the wall.

• A two component epoxy paint it is characterized by its great resistance, but it has a strong smell and can suffer from yellowing in the case of light colors.

• The furniture in the room needs to be taken into account when defining paint colors.

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