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TikTok Sweden sums up 2022 – Metro Mode

Now is the time for TikTok to sum up the past year by highlighting the content on the platform that has performed best in the past year. During 2022, it has been possible to see the majority of previously unknown creators break through, including Emil Henrohn, but also famous people such as Zlatan Ibrahimović and Abba make success with their content.

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– Wow, another year with lots of magical content from our Swedish users. I am incredibly impressed with all the crazy, creative, funny, exciting, serious and important videos they have created and shared in 2022. How they use the platform both wide and wide, lifting everything from heavy, important topics to humor, music and more in between, says Parisa Khosravihead of communications for TikTok Nordics.

Among the most followed Swedish accounts on TikTok there are both new faces and world stars. No one is too young, or for that matter, too old to create content on the platform, as the list below is proof of.

They have big accounts on TikTok – Zlatan, Ludde Blomqvist and Abba at the top

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has 3.5 million followers on the platform and grew the fastest of all Swedish accounts in 2022. Perhaps not so strange, it’s still Zlatan…
Abba has 2.9 million followers – the iconic pop group is a big success with both old and new material on the platform.

Alexandra Johnsson has 2.5 million followers and enchants her followers with easy, exciting and completely magical recipes.
Zara Larsson has 1.4 million followers who get to accompany the pop star on everything from world tours to her everyday life. Zara offers herself, raises important topics, and sings… of course.

Ludde Blomqvist has 1.5 million followers and has made an international smash hit with his beautiful dance moves at home in the apartment.
Olle Nilsson has 2.4 million followers who follow his updates from the Swedish nature and everything he captures through the lens.

Oliver Nordin has 2 million followers and amazes everyone with his awesome stunts that he performs all over the world.
Nattid has 2.3 million followers and she invites everyone to follow her and everything she does in her everyday life, whether it’s at home, with friends or out on a trip.

The year’s most viral

● Alva Blomdahl’s delicious nutella pizza – 34.7 million views

● Ludde Blomqvist with his “The baddest of them all” dance – 27.4 million views

● Men’s choir Dad Harmony’s chorus – 20 million views

● Alexandra Johnson’s Juicy Burger Wrap – 86 million views

● Emil Henrohn’s hit “Jag er mamma” – 4.1 million views

● Filippa’s cute and snow-covered dog – 12.7 million views

● Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s first video on TikTok – 27.7 million views

● IFK Kristianstad goes viral with handball stickers – 53 million views

● Olof Davidsson shows off his carpentry skills – 15.7 million views

● The car brand Koenigsegg accelerates – 6.4 million views

● Victoria Svensson makes a nice bench – 5 million views

● Athlete Walter Wallberg unboxing his Olympic medal – 1.1 million views

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