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TikTok and ICBF created parental control guide • ENTER.CO

The TikTok social network and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), created a parental control guide that will allow responsible use of the platform by young people. This guide serves as a digital literacy tool for both teens and their families.

In TikTok, adolescents from the age of 13 can have an account on this social network, therefore they consider that it is necessary to maintain intelligent behavior on the platform and manage it responsibly. For this reason, they made an alliance with the ICBF to create safe environments for young people who use this social network in Colombia. The alliance with the ICBF is justified from the point of view that this is the entity whose mission is to protect the rights of children and adolescents in the country. This guide is intended for parents, teens themselves, and guardians or caregivers to learn about the TikTok social network and about responsible uses and best practices online.

The Director of Public Affairs for TikTok Latin America, Edgar Rodríguez, declared that “the work we have done together with ICBF has been not only to reinforce this commitment, but also to guide and direct in a responsible and appropriate manner all families that have adolescents who have just joined the digital world.” This guide is structured in several sections, including a background on what TikTok is. In addition, it has a glossary of the most common terms used on this platform, such as “For You”, “Hearts”, “Profile”, “Duo” and many more.

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In the same guide made between TikTok and ICBF, the difference between what is public and private is explained. Clarifying that all the accounts of minors between the ages of 13 and 15 are classified as private by default. The purpose of this document is that it can be used by parents and adolescents to follow the advice so that they can share the experience of this social network in a safer and more transparent way.

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