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TikTok also wants to copy BeReal with its ‘Now’ experiment • ENTER.CO

TikTok has a new feature much like the BeReal trend, this time it’s called TikTok Now.

With this new feature of the social network, it is confirmed that Instagram is not the only platform that wants to take advantage of the trend of sharing daily photos. With the TikTok Now feature (similar to BeReal) users are asked to post a photo using their front and rear cameras. They also have the option to share a 10-second video to tell their friends what they’re doing at that time of day.

In this case, they will also have a limited time to share the content after receiving the notification from the platform. This will be shared as a visual status update. For now, the TikTok experiment will be available for the next few weeks. The same platform reported that for now the function is available in the usual app in the United States, however, it is possible to get it in the dedicated application in other countries.

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Please note that this feature is currently not available for teens. This is not uncommon on TikTok, anyone under the age of 16 who creates an account in the Now app will default to private viewing.

TikTok is more used to other platforms copying its functions and features, it is not common to see it doing this with other networks. But, it is understandable that there are compelling reasons to ‘borrow’ this concept from BeReal. This experiment may cause users to return to TikTok more regularly, as well as elevate the importance of friends, so you might be interested in widening your circle of friends if you know they’ll see more frequent updates. For this reason, Now is a bet for TikTok to see better numbers and results from the company.

Image: Cottonbro at Pexels.com

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