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Tiger Woods immersed in strong controversy for giving Justin Thomas a tampon in the middle of the game

Tiger Woods with Justin Thomas.

Photo: Michael Owens/Getty Images

The American golfer Tiger Woods is immersed in a strong controversy after giving a tampon to his playing partner and friend Justin Thomas, in the middle of the Genesis Invitational tournament match. The image in which the golf legend discreetly hands Thomas the tampax during the competition that will serve as his return to the PGA circuit went viral on social networks and generated harsh criticism of Woods.

In the photo you can see how the 47-year-old golfer hands Thomas the hygiene product just after he overtakes him at the ninth hole. Woods’ partner realized what it was and quickly dropped him on the grass while Tiger laughed and hugged him on his way to the hole. What was possibly a small joke between friends ended up causing an avalanche of rejection and has been considered by many as a “sexist joke”.

Exact moment in which Tiger Woods delivered the tampon to Justin Thomas in the middle of the Genesis Invitational tournament match. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images).
Zoom image of Tiger Woods handing Justin Thomas a tampon during the Genesis Invitational. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images).
Reaction of Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas after the delivery of the Tampon at the Genesis Invitational. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images).

Criticism of Tiger Woods

Such is the case with USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, who called the episode “immature.” “Really, Tiger,” she wrote. “Woods’ message to Thomas was obvious. It’s been the go-to phrase for dumb and often insecure boys for generations: You play like a girl,” added Brennan.

For their part, users of the social network Twitter also echoed the fact and criticized the American golfer. “They can call me ‘offended’ or whatever, but giving another golfer a tampon is not funny,” said an Internet user.

“Look, it’s funny because feminine hygiene products are INHERENTLY emasculating, so when a man makes another man touch a tampon, he’s saying, ‘I’m a bigger and better man than you, because GROSS, I made you touch it! a wrapped Tampax!’” attorney Ann Olivarius tweeted.

“If Tiger spent three months out of the year bleeding and dealing with period pain, she would make an entire documentary on how champions overcome insurmountable obstacles,” wrote Alex McDaniel, managing editor of USA Today’s For The Win.

The CNN news network tried to contact Excel Sports Management, the representation company that manages both players, in order to obtain comments on this controversy, but received no response.

Tiger Woods finished the first round at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles (California) with a 2-under-par 69, five behind the lead.

The 15-time Grand Slam winner did not want to talk about the controversy and only limited himself to saying that “it was a great round (…) we pricked (Thomas) each other, encouraged each other and told stories.”

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