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Thunderbird Send later, schedule emails

Sometimes you may want to send an email later, perhaps because you want someone to receive it at a specific time and not earlier, or because you want to avoid overloading your mail server.

The Thunderbird email client does not offer email scheduling options and requires manual workarounds to send emails at a specific time (save as drafts, send when the time is right, or set Thunderbird to offline mode and go online when the time is right). want to send the emails). It doesn’t work all the time as it requires your physical presence.

Enter the Send Later 3 extension for the Thunderbird email client. Send Later does exactly what it’s supposed to do: schedule emails to be sent at a later time. Thunderbird still needs to be open for that, but you no longer need to be present, as the extension sends emails automatically at the selected date and time.

The extension offers you two options. You can use the Send button to display a send menu later in each send, or it can be used through buttons that need to be placed on one of the email client’s available composition toolbars.

The first option must be enabled in the extension settings. The following menu is displayed each time the Send button is activated in Thunderbird.

send this email later

The Send this email later interface may seem confusing at first glance. You can specify a time and date, or choose one of the preconfigured options to send the email at a later time. The same menu contains options to send the email multiple times, for example once a week or once a year.

A right click on the free space in Thunderbird’s typing header and selecting Customize brings up the interface element that can be added to the composition toolbar. This is done by dragging and dropping the set of buttons onto the toolbar.

send it later

Here it is possible to set a specific date and time for the selected message to be sent.

send later 3

The options offer various configuration settings, for example to configure hotkeys or the aforementioned option to hijack the send button in Thunderbird.

New users may want to check out the user guide on the developer’s website that explains basic features and advanced concepts like dynamic values ​​for preset buttons or switching between the submit and submit later button depending on the day of the week.

Send Later 3 is compatible with all versions of the Thunderbird email client from version 2 to the latest versions.

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