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Three years after the death of Kobe Bryant, his legacy remains intact

Kobe Bryant has been dead for three years.

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

On January 26, 2020, the world of basketball and sports in general came to a standstill, Kobe Bryant unfortunately died in a tragic helicopter crash with his daughter Giana. who was only 13 years old. Sadly, the Mamba mentality was fading, although she would remain etched in the hearts of those who keep her legacy alive on and off the court.

The death of Kobe Bryant at the young age of 41, made his legend even bigger, which in itself was already enormous for everything he had achieved in basketball and in his personal life.. It’s already been three years without the idol of the Lakers, the character revered by the fans who ended up being a vulnerable human who did not escape the tragedy that ended his life. An example to follow for the new and not so new generations that have been inspired by their plays to grow.

Kobe Bryant’s numbers and tributes to the idol

Kobe Bryant was the fourth leading scorer in NBA history with a total of 33,643 points; he also won five rings, and was selected 18 times to participate in the All-Star Game. In addition to shining with the Lakers, he also left his name embodied with the United States, with whom he won two gold medals in the Olympic Games.

Also “Black Mamba” he was able to score an impressive 81 points in one game, the second best mark in league history. The day of his retirement he recorded his story with 60 points and battled against his torn Achilles tendon.

The Staples Center was his home, the house of happiness for those who remember his triumphs, whose lives changed with their game and brought smiles to those most in need who identified with their game. The Lakers play their home games under the jerseys of their most significant players, including Kobe’s number 8 and 24.

Michael Jordan’s admiration for Kobe Bryant

It was known to many, Kobe Bryant’s admiration for Michael Jordan, an admiration that became mutual based on work and recognition. And so the mythical 23rd made it known the day he ruled on the death of “Black Mamba” and expressed that a part of him had died along with Kobe.

When Kobe Bryant was inducted into the Hall of Fame, the speech was given by what is considered the best basketball player in history and added to the many awards. Pau Gasol, who considered him his brother, has always been aware of his family this time and released a remembered phrase: “You think he could have walked out of the accident, that’s how invincible he was“.

Three years after his departure today, Kobe Bryant’s legacy is indeliblehis “Black Mamba” is still intact and being an example for those who saw it and those who enjoy it through the videos, today Kobe Bryant is and will continue to be eternal.

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