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three options to create your resume with web templates • ENTER.CO

The resume in Word simply doesn’t measure up anymore.

One would think that this is limited to creative jobs. At the end of the day, only if you want a designer is it important to present your attractive resume. Why so much design if a programming company only cares about how fast you can code?

The simple answer is that the people who are usually in charge of the hiring process do pay attention. Unless you are going to work for a Startup or an enterprise, the hiring process may be handled by someone else. And an attractive resume can be the difference between getting noticed or making the first filter.

The second reason is that the most important thing about a resume is how it presents the information. A Word document with Excel boxes and a font 11 full of summaries and lists may not be the most efficient way to show what you know, what you have learned and what you can contribute.

Therefore, at ENTER.CO we have listed 4 free page options that you can use to create your resume with web templates.

We start with this option, because it is the one that many people in segments such as technology or programming will feel more comfortable with. Indeed offers six different templates of resumes that seek to organize the information that the company you want to apply to needs to know. The only problem is that the template is in English… which we chose to see as a positive considering that you can use it to create that resume to send to recruiters from companies outside the country.

Again, an option for those who want to bet on resumes with many more series but who are focused on offering and organizing information. In fact, these templates are designed to optimize the processes of companies that read resumes using ATS software (which is the acronym for Applicant tracking System or selection process management system). The page is in English, as well as the fields to fill in, but you can modify them with their alternatives in Spanish.

Here we begin to play a little more with the options. MyPerfect Resume has one of the best interfaces we found. This does not come without a ‘but’, because although many customization options some of its tools are paid. The basic resume creation is free and this is what we are interested in: from formal resumes to those a little more creative, you can play with the options until you find a template that makes you feel comfortable with your chances of getting a new job.


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