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Those privileged by Tata Martino who “did what they wanted” in the Mexican National Team, revealed on ESPN

Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino, Argentine coach during his time in charge of the Mexican National Team.

Photo: ALFREDO ESTRELLA / Getty Images

The Coach Stage Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino in charge of the Mexican National Team concluded to the extent that 2023 began, also leaving behind the failure and disappointment of the results seen in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

But as the days lengthen to find out who will be his replacement in the midst of the reengineering that is thought -and should be carried out- in the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), other details of the internal management of the National Team are known during his time in charge of it.

A ‘source close’ to the Mexican National Team reported to ESPN that during Tata Martino’s stay on the bench several discipline and behavior problemsalways of knowledge of the high sphere of the federation.

And he went further assuring that there was a group of privileged, from European leagues, who failed to comply in terms of schedules and goals set in the matches. Of them the only one mentioned was Hirving “Chucky” Lozanowho allegedly “did what he wanted” in the calls.

“Chucky Lozano is worth a damn what happens to the National Team, he makes his life. That’s why they should say to that boy: ‘When I call you, you must come; at the time I tell you. And if you fail, I’ll never call you again,’” this source revealed to ESPN.

“Two or three who grabbed the National Team to do their thing, did what they wanted. They, when they were summoned for a game in the United States, first came to Mexico and then went to the United States ”

This anonymous informant also recounted how on one occasion Hirving Lozano reported “two or three days” late for a call, which caused discomfort in the coaching staff and even among the other soccer players.

“He reported to the National Team late, two or three days… Chucky, what did he give to the national team in four years? Nothing! And he lives off the goal he scored against Germany. Many did not find that type of attitude, “claimed the source.

In the absence of making official who will be the coach for the new project for the 2026 World Cup, which will be organized on Aztec soil together with the US and Canada, the next friendlies have already been announced: on March 23 against Suriname and three days later (26) against Jamaica.

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