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This year’s Christmas host SVT 2022 – Babben Larsson

This year’s Christmas host in SVT will be Babben Larsson. She is also the one who topped the betting companies’ odds lists during the morning. During a press conference, she describes the Christmas hosting as “a mission of honor.”

Photo: SVT

The final proof that you are popular is that you were a Christmas host on Sweden’s Television. This year, it will be Babben Larsson who gets to light the candle and announce Donald Duck, and thus keep the Swedish people company during Christmas Eve. The Christmas host in SVT has existed for over 60 years as a recurring feature on Christmas Eve, and last year the role was taken on by TV chef Tareq Taylor.

Babben Larsson was born on Gotland and has a solid background in theatre, stand-up and various television productions. Among other things, she has appeared in programs such as “Parliament”, the Christmas calendar and is currently featured in, among other things, “Bäst i test”. During the press conference, Babben Larsson describes the Christmas hosting as “a mission of honor” and highlights that Christmas should not be “a festival of stress.” She believes that it should not be too perfect and that it is important that Christmas is accessible to everyone. “For those who do not have a context on Christmas Eve, I will be there and be company.”

Past Christmas hosts:

1959–1971: Bengt Feldreich (except 1966, 1968 and 1969)
1972–2002: Arne Weise (except 1979, 1988, 1989 and 1990)
2003: Lotta Bromé
2004: Ernst Kirchsteiger
2005: Blossom Tainton
2006: Ingvar Oldsberg
2007: Anne Lundberg
2008: Lasse Kronér
2009: Lisbeth Åkerman
2010: André Pops
2011: Kalle Moraeus
2012: Sarah Dawn Finer
2013: Petra Mede
2014: Henrik Dorsin
2015: Gina Dirawi
2016: Sanna Nielsen
2017: Lotta Lundgren and Erik Haag
2018: Kattis Ahlström
2019: Marianne Mörck
2020: Lars Lerin
2021: Tareq Taylor

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