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This year’s Christmas cap 2022 – the home-knitted garment

When the world is troubled, we tend to value things that bring to mind security and care. This year’s Christmas present is the home-knitted garment, which goes well with a newly awakened and increased interest in handicrafts.

Photo: HUI

The war in Ukraine has caused rising inflation and increased energy prices. In a time of cold and unrest, the Year’s Christmas Gift 2022 represents a warm hug to give to loved ones in the form of a home-knitted garment.

For the thirty-fifth year in a row, HUI designates the Christmas Gift of the Year. In line with rising food and electricity prices and increased interest rates, the money is enough for less. In a time of restraint, we are looking back to the safe and traditional at Christmas – the home-knitted garment is therefore needed more than ever.


In a troubled time, where a war in our neighborhood has led to a financially difficult situation for many households and rising electricity prices have contributed to many turning down the heat in their homes, workplaces and schools. At the same time, interest in crafts and DIY has been rekindled. This year’s Christmas gift 2022 is the home-knitted garment – a warming gesture to give to loved ones.

Criteria for this year’s Christmas present

  • This year’s Christmas present should represent the times in which we live.
  • This year’s Christmas present must be a novelty or have received renewed interest.
  • This year’s Christmas present must account for a large sales value or be sold in a large number of units.

This year’s Christmas gift for all time

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The 2016 VR glasses
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2021 The event ticket

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