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This year, Bratty comes with everything

When she turned 15, Jenny Juárez told her parents that she did not want a party, that she wanted a trip to the United States. Her dream was to go to Los Angeles to see Best Coast, her favorite band.

However, neither she nor her parents were able to obtain the US visa, so Jenny’s illusion remained only that, an illusion.

Now Jenny is 22 years old, and she became a singer and musician with a career that is rising at the speed of meteors. So much so that in a few weeks she will set foot in this country for the first time, but not to see any band, but to introduce herself as an artist.

Jenny, who chose Bratty as her stage name — precisely the name of a Best Coast song — will be part of the festival lineup for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which will take place in Indio, California, two weekends in April.

As every year, this festival brings together a series of outstanding artists of various genres and from different parts of the world. For this edition, the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, the Spanish Rosalía, the South Korean group Blackpink and the American rapper Frank Ocean head the bill. Jenny, or Bratty, will share the stage with these and dozens of other artists.

“I still don’t believe it,” he said from his parents’ home in Culiacán, Mexico.

Bratty, who was precisely born and raised in Culiacán, will bring with him his most recent pop album, called “It’s my party and if I want to make an EP”, the second of his career and in which artists such as Hinds, Metronomy, Yawners collaborate , Sound Depression and Cuckoo.

She became known through social networks, when from her bedroom, at the age of 16, she began to publish songs produced by her. The most outstanding thing was that she never studied music or music production. Her teacher was the Youtube tutorials, where she learned to play keyboards, bass, guitar and drums. She was also virtually how she learned how to use an app to create songs.

At the age of 18, he moved to Guadalajara, where he intended to study music production; however, his life as an artist was demanding more and more time from him. Finally, he moved to Mexico City, where he has lived for three years and where he formed his band.

“I don’t know where my curiosity about music came from,” he said. “In my house there is no one who is an artist.”

In addition to Coachella, Jenny is preparing gigs in various other parts of the United States and Mexico and has already started producing her third album, for which there is already a concept and is in the recording phase. The album will be out this year and Jenny thinks she has a great future.

“This year I come with everything,” he said.

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