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This website creates Excel formulas for you

I remember that at least since the 8th year of high school they began to explain to us, in Computer Science class, how to use Excel; we start with the basics, how to make (basic) tables. Over time, I realized that this program is needed in various aspects of daily life. However, it is no secret to anyone that the hundreds of formulas that are used there can be a headache.

That is why it will be very complex for you to remember all the existing formulas, but don’t worry, technology has a solution for everything like on this occasion. Although it should not be the best solution in case of exams or educational work, this page can be a useful solution for you to get the most out of Excel.

Its operation is quite simple. Once you enter the page you will find three main buttons ‘Google Sheets AI formulas’ which, as its name suggests, will help you with Google Sheets formulas. The second button is ‘do you want to buy me coffee?’, through it, you can donate money to the creator of the page. Finally, you will find the ‘Excel formula bot’ button, if you enter there you will be able to go directly to the formula creator.

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However, that button is not always working as it is at the time of writing this note. In case you see an error, you can simply go from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. There you will find a blank space where you can specify the problem you want to solve.

That is, from this white box you can ask the page something like: “add column A to column z” followed by the ‘Generate formula’ button. Now you will see that the page automatically generates the formula you need to obtain that result. As if that were not enough, below this button you will find another box that allows you to directly copy the formula to pass it to Excel.

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