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This way you can access the more than 2000 scholarships offered by Google

The great technology giant, Google, announced that it has just opened a call for Colombians to access technology courses totally free. There are exactly 2,650 scholarships that will be provided where students can learn about information technology (IT) support, data analysis, project management and user experience.

Of course, the classes will be taught in virtual mode through Google’s education provider platform: Coursera. The best of all is that, although they are taught or directed by the American company, the classes will be taught in Spanish by technology experts from different countries of the Spanish-speaking world. The courses will last between four and six months.

And it is that, one of the obstacles that Colombians always find when enrolling in an online course is what if I require prior knowledge? Well, with the courses powered by Google you do not have to worry about it, since none of the courses require previous experience or knowledge. It should be noted that the call is in charge of the organizations of Colnodo and the International Youth Foundation.

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What requirements are needed and how to register?

The requirements are:

– Be between 18 and 35 years of age.
– Have access to a computer and internet connection.
– Be available for at least 10 hours a week for five months.

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The company maintains that the registration form is quick and simple, although they did not talk about the selection processes. To sign up you can access the Colnodo page. However, at the time of writing this note, the page was failing.

“We are going to be working hand in hand with Colnodo and with the International Youth Foundation. With the first organization we will be awarding 1,500 scholarships, which are part of a broader initiative called ‘Grow with Google’, which seeks to train people from the region and the country in digital skills; and with the second we are delivering 1,150 as part of a $650,000 investment that is delivered through Google.org and with whom we already worked on a first batch of certifications two years ago,” said Giovanni Stella, general manager of Google Colombia.

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