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This was the last house that Eduin Caz, from Grupo Firme, shared with what he now calls his ‘ex-wife’

Eduin caz involved in a new infidelity scandal.

Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

In the last few hours, the reflectors have turned to see Eduin Caz, leader of Grupo Firme, after during his presence at Premio Lo Nuestro he hinted that he is no longer with Daisy Anahy, referring to her as his ‘ex-wife’.

The interpreter pointed out hours later, through his social networks, that the influencer had left him, but that he was already doing his little fight to recover what was once the love of his life.

“If I dedicated these awards it’s because I’m doing my little fight, they are a special achievement for me, I dedicated them to her and I told her: ‘I’m always going to love you, little girl’, well yes, what can I tell you, well they let me and I’m doing my fight”, the interpreter of ‘Ya Supérame’ was honest.

Now that their separation would be a fact, it is inevitable not to talk about the house they both moved to shortly after the previous crisis they went through and in which it was even said that she had thrown him out of the house, but those were only speculations .

The residence that both planned to share with their three children, including the one on the way, was shown by Eduin Caz through a series of posts that he shared on his Instagram account.

In a material, published on Instagram Stories, the musician can be seen carrying his youngest daughter in his arms, allowing us to observe some of the rooms on the ground floor, including his indoor pool.

The video begins in the living room area, which is made up of chocolate-colored modular sofas, and ends in the pool area, where Eduin threatened to throw his daughter, while the song “I learned from them” was heard in the background.

In a second material, he showed his son running up and down his new bedroom, which is accessed by means of a ladder.

Although the bedroom was not fully decorated, it already had a large bed with a gray headboard and four paintings showing various aspects of space, with which Eduin wanted to capture his son’s passion for the universe.

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