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This was the day that Chiquis Rivera revealed her infallible remedy to lose weight and you sure have at home | VIDEO

After trying various natural or “miracle” proposals, Chiquis Rivera Finally, she declared which is the recipe that has worked best for her in her search for weight loss, because, although she assures that she is happy with her curves or the shape of her body, she always looks for a way to stay comfortable and healthy.

A video circulates on social networks in which Jenni Rivera’s daughter chats with various media in what appears to be an airport, there quickly They question her about her image and how thin she looks, the group star appreciates the gesture and expresses that now he has another secret.

“It’s all a balance, it’s what helps me, tequila is also what helps me burn fat”, assured the interpreter of “Entre besos y copas”, “Abeja reina” and “Paloma Blanca” to mention some of the most popular songs in her career, because during the events she performs live she has a few drinks to warm up .

Chiquis Rivera in previous moments has been criticized for saying that one of the things she implemented to lose weight was to drink “water with lemon”This was not liked by health experts, who assured that it was false and that he should be more careful in what he says about it, since many people believe what he recommends.

“Lemon water. Cover your mouth a little, right? Dont eat so much. The truth is I went to the doctor, I have hormone problems, I’m already on hormone therapy and also my thyroid, I finally listened and went and that has helped me”


While there are those who claim that Chiquis Rivera underwent the “gastric sleeve” procedure, the same one that other celebrities have opted for to take care of their health and stay slim, a clear example is the vocalists of Banda MS Alán Ramírez and Walo Silvas, who already have an advanced process.

But for fans of Chiquis Rivera, the singer always looks beautiful and spectacular, because in each photograph that she uploads to her official accounts on Instagram or Facebook, the people who follow his life or career have the ideal comment for Lupillo’s niece, some make compliments about his face, legs, hairway of dressing or the pronounced curves that she likes to show off.

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