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This was said by Ari Telch about the supposed estrangement of Ninel Conde with her daughter Sofía

True to his essence, the actor ari telch He responded to the media about the rumor that has been around his ex-wife Ninel Conde and the daughter they had during their marriage, Sofía Telch. And it is that for several months it was said that mother and daughter had a turbulent relationship that did not allow them to live together, is this true? Read on to find out.

In a recent meeting with the press, the actor was blunt with his response to the rumors and He assured that he prefers not to “spread the soup” regarding what happens in the private life of his 25-year-old daughter.

“Don’t get into gossip because you already know I don’t like it,” he declared on that subject. However, he did speak out about how he has learned to deal with her relationship with the young woman. “I don’t get much into her life, neither social networks, nor personal. Rather, I talk with her, we have a good time when we go to eat, when we chatter. She is normal, she is my daughter. I cannot talk about my daughter and say that she is ‘focused’, she is a girl, ”he said before the cameras.

With these statements, Ari Telch has made it more than clear that he respects his daughter’s wishes not to follow in the footsteps of either of her parents, because unlike the actor and Ninel Conde, she prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

Ninel Conde denies having a bad relationship with her daughter Sofía

Telch has not been the only one who has faced the rumors of this alleged enmity. In fact, it was Ninel Conde herself who came out to deny them and even indicated that she would spend the December holidays in the company of her eldest daughter.

“My daughter is perfect, working, she is going to do a master’s degree, I am very proud of her, she lives with me, we are fine, we are going to spend Christmas together and we are going on a trip,” she explained in an interview in November 2022.

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