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This means giving away a yellow flower

In the language of flowers, yellow flowers mean “You are the sun of my life.” The color also means that you look forward to a shared existence. In other words, yellow flowers are perfect to send to someone you care a lot about.

Photo: Interflora

In Sweden, we often associate the color yellow and yellow flowers with Easter. But yellow flowers are also a way to show someone that you like them regardless of the season. Examples of yellow flowers you can give to someone you like are sunflowers, tulips, dahlias, daffodils and germini.

Sun, light and intellect

Our positive associations with yellow are very much based in our longing for sun and light, although historically the color has stood for betrayal, jealousy and illness. But the color yellow is also associated with intellect. The color stimulates the nerves and strengthens the memory. As a decoration in workplaces and schools, it boosts performance and counteracts depression. The color is also considered to increase appetite and promote metabolism.

Spread some extra light and joy to someone you care about by sending a beautiful one yellow bouquet!

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