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This is why you shouldn’t run with headphones – 5 reasons

Do you always listen to music or podcasts when you jog and run? If so, it’s high time to rethink your running habits – if you want to develop both your running and mental health.

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Many people prefer to distract themselves with sound in their headphones when they hit the jogging track. At the same time, there are also many who have realized the allure of completely ignoring noise as a distraction and who simply want to enjoy the moment more and to be present. Below we list some reasons to skip the headphones during the jogging trip in the future.

Easier to feel the body

Without sound in the ears, the silence can provide extra focus. It can be easier to feel the body, what it needs and how much it has to give during training that particular day.

You focus more on your development

It is easier to focus on running technique when you are not distracted by music, audiobooks or podcasts in your ears.

The run becomes calmer

Without music, you run the risk of not going out as hard at the beginning of the run, and then not being able to last long. Instead, focus on taking calm breaths and running at a slightly slower pace to achieve the truly meditative feeling that is neither heavy nor tiring.

Breathing gets better

Without music, you will also more easily find a breath that suits you and your body. It can be difficult and take time to find the right one but with full focus on your rhythm it can become much easier.

You become more social

Instead of music, you can bet on running with a friend. If so, you have a perfect opportunity to be social, and the runs will be both more pleasant and easier.

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