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This is what the Swedes want at IKEA – popular keywords in 2022

By seeing what the Swedes searched for on IKEA’s website, it is possible to draw conclusions about the Swedes’ buying habits, needs and what they actually need. Given the economic situation, this year it is more important than ever to buy the right Christmas present and make sure that people really have a use for it.

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According to a survey carried out on behalf of IKEA, one in ten Swedes return Christmas presents because they have no need for the product. By looking at what we Swedes are looking for and need, we can be more accurate in our Christmas gift shopping. Below we list what Swedes need and want from IKEA.

1. Storage

The trend of sorting and organizing so that we utilize the cubic meters we have is clearly visible. Given the state of the housing market, we also have a greater need to use the square meters we have – instead of moving. Many of us therefore need to optimize the storage in our homes. With an increase of 746%, storage boxes with lids end up on the top list. With storage boxes, we can use the surface better, but it can also be about wanting to prepare for unforeseen events by making sure to have a crisis or prepping box. Even the Kallax shelf ends up at the top. Using smart shelves that gobble up a lot of storage and don’t damage walls is another way to optimize the space we live on.

2. Large carpets

As a result of the energy crisis, many Swedes have lowered the temperature at home. The need to spread heat is increasing, and we do this, among other things, by laying out large carpets on the floors.

3. Lighting

Both solar cell lamps and ordinary lighting have increased greatly. We think more about the type of lights we have in the home and how energy efficient they are. But also on how we can use smaller lamps, and point lighting – instead of lighting up the whole home. Since we spend more time at home during financially difficult times, it is important to be able to make it cozy with the right lighting.

4. Smart furniture

If we cannot have the opportunity to move or buy a new home, you can instead update your home with new furniture. Sofas and sofa covers are at the top when Swedes search on ikea.se. We are currently fully focused on using the square meters with, for example, sofas that both create a cozy atmosphere but also suit the location. With an exchangeable cover, it is possible to upgrade the sofa or the cover and change the feel of the room. The same principle applies to knobs and handles increasing in popularity. It’s a price-friendly way to spruce up what we already have in the home instead of buying new.

The searches that have increased the most

  1. Storage box with lid, 746%
  2. Carpet large, 279%
  3. Lamp table, 128%
  4. Kallax shelf, 113%
  5. Solar lamps, 112%
  6. 3-seater sofa, 2-seater sofa, 94%
  7. Söderhamn upholstery, 90%
  8. Knobs and handles, 87%
  9. Lamp ceiling, 86%

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