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This is the very expensive and exclusive school where the children of Lionel Messi study in Paris

Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, considered one of the best of all time, is very close to retiring from soccer, so his sights are already on his children, who in a few years could follow his example and continue his legacy. on the courts of the world.

Although it would not be surprising Mateo, Ciro or Thiago Try your luck in the sport that has given your dad so much joy. At the moment, the three of them are fully focused on their studies within one of the most exclusive and expensive schools in Paris.

The educational center to which they were enrolled, when their father left Barcelona to sign with Paris Saint-Germain, is the American School of Paris, located in Saint-Cloud, in the metropolitan area of ​​the French capital. The campus has been there since 1967

Its classrooms house, according to information provided by the school itself, about 800 children and young people from 64 countries. Educational levels range from pre-kindergarten to high school.

In addition to standing out for its exclusivity, for working under the United States educational scheme, and for its academic excellence, the American School of Paris also stands out for having more than 60 extracurricular activitiesso Messi’s children can be trained in what interests them or is most passionate about.

Due to its great prestige and the type of students it houses in its classrooms, this school is not available to everyone. To be able to enter, the first thing that must be done is to pay $1,481 dollars to access and fill out the admission application waiting to be accepted or rejected.

In case you have passed that filter, which is not easy at all, now the good part comes, the fees that must be paid to study there. Annual tuitions range from $20,700 to $38,671.

To this figure we should add two more: The $1,851 of the cost of insurance and the $12,900 dollars that are destined to the maintenance of the propertyyou. This last amount is only paid upon admission.

In addition to having 5,855 square feet For education, the American School of Paris also has a gym, an auditorium, two cafeterias, 10 spaces for collaboration and discovery, eight science and discovery laboratories, sports fields, among other facilities.

What do you think of the school where Lionel Messi’s children are trained?

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