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This is the testimony of a Russian model who sealed the conviction of Harvey Weinstein for sexual abuse

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After eight weeks of deliberation, Harvey Weinstein he was found guilty of one of his sexual assault charges. It was about that committed against a model and actress born in Russia who during the trial was referred to as ‘Jane Doe 1’.

According to the information presented by the prosecution, said abuse is known to have taken place while the victim was visiting California for a film festival in 2013when he was 34 years old.

In his testimony, one that chilled the jury’s skin because of the chilling details he shared, he claimed that the producer showed up uninvited on the doorstep of his Los Angeles hotel room in the middle of the night.

“He just walked in,” he told the jury. “I didn’t understand what was happening… I remember thinking, ‘Did he follow me?’ Do not know him”. She also claimed that after asking him to leave, she froze and was afraid that Weinstein would make an attempt on his life. “I panicked and started crying… He didn’t care,” she revealed. “He wanted to die. That was disgusting. It was humiliating.”

It should be noted that ‘Jane Doe 1’ is the only one of the victims who did not have more direct dealings with Weinstein or some of his representatives after the incident that occurred in 2013. In fact, she testified that she barely knew who he was, since she met him during the film festival you attended.

Weinstein is now known to face up to 18 years in prison in California along with a 23-year sentence for a rape and sexual assault conviction in New York.

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