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this is the perfect size for your posts • ENTER.CO

Keeping in mind the sizes of each of the images that are uploaded on social networks is complicated. And it is that, at least until now, each of the publications we make has a different size. That is, if you want to upload a profile photo on Facebook, it requires a specific size, but if you are going to upload the same image as a publication on Instagram, it requires another size, ah! But if you are going to upload it as a profile picture on Twitter, there are other measures.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to learn the measurements of each one; At ENTER.CO we have created the following list of sizes for you to have on hand. So, save this note as the bible of social media posts. However, you should keep in mind that the sizes are constantly changing; here we will show you the sizes of now (2022).


The social network is considered by many as a personal diary or simply a mini blog where value judgments can be made, debates generated, surveys, etc. The truth is that in recent years, the trills that are accompanied by images have gained more strength, so we recommend using them. The human eye is designed to look first at the visual and then at the reading.

Profile picture: 400×400px

Publications: 1600×900px (recommended)

Banner: 1500×500px

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Although this social network seems to have been in a coma for several years (banished by Instagram), it is usually a good platform for offering products and services. Although this platform constantly changes the size of the images, we suggest that you always save the best quality ones to publish. Also, you will have a better result if you upload the images in JPG or PNG format.

Profile picture: 180×180px

Publications: 1200×630px

Banner: 820×312px

Stories: 1080×1920px


For a few days, Instagram users collapsed when they saw that the social network was transforming content, prioritizing reels and not photos as we are used to. Fortunately Adam Mosseri reconsidered and gave us back the essence of Instagram. Of course each one has a specific size:

Profile picture: 320×320px

Publications: 1080×1080px

Stories: 1080×1920px

Reels: 1080×1920 (9:16)

IGTV: 1080×1920px

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Images: Montage ENTER.CO / Unsplash

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