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This is the Government’s plan to democratize ICT • ENTER.CO

One of the first bets of the Government of Gustavo Petro is to democratize ICT. To achieve this, Minister Sandra Urrutia detailed a series of strategic lines that will be followed to fulfill this purpose.

Within the framework of the development of the XXIV Congress of Public Services and Communications Andesco, held in Cartagena, the minister said that “the most important thing, to face the different challenges that ICTs impose on us, is to talk about the democratization of ICTs and of the strategies to integrate each of the actors (Government, industry, academia, citizens)”. In this plan there are some pillars that the Government will execute to make the virtual space a new scenario where social exchanges take place.

In this regard, Minister Urrutia said that the Government manages 6 lines to advance in this purpose:

1.- Connectivity

This line seeks to settle the debt with Colombia and improve service throughout the country. For this, he said that a rapid transformation is required, which will require knowledge and innovative and collaborative forms.

2.- Knowledge society

In this aspect, it will seek to establish a digital industry policy that serves for productivity, the generation of employment and income for companies and citizens. For this, the appropriation of ICTs in the government, productive sectors, education, health and the countryside will be promoted. Supported by literacy and connectivity to reduce the digital divide.

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3.- Safe ecosystem

In which the provision of a better ICT service will be promoted, with special interest in digital security and prevention, increasing legality in the sector, as well as the responsible use of ICT.

4.- Prevention

In this line, the use of the PrevenTIC tool will be sought, to promote legality. As well as the use of ICT for productivity, entertainment, information and knowledge.

5.- Strengthening of the industry

Strategy focused on connectivity covering the country’s television, radio and postal sectors.

6.- Audiovisual content

With which the development of digital content and public media will be promoted through the use of pedagogical techniques and a clear language approach with content and material. Thus, the national government plans to take Colombia to democratize ICTs in an environment increasingly dominated by technology.

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