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This is Naruto’s cell phone from Realme • ENTER.CO

Well, now they have something else to add to their list of things they want to have… and they will probably never be able to buy. Realme this week presented a limited edition of its GT NEO 3 inspired by Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto’s manga.

The design of the cell phone takes inspiration from the clothing of the protagonist in Naruto Shippuden, with a matte cover in the colors orange and black. Creative seems to us the decision to use the camera module emulating the protectors of the show.

Naruto Cell

As always, the most interesting thing is the box in which the equipment comes. Realme used the ninja scrolls from the show as inspiration. Another coquettish piece of information is the 150W Ultra Dart charging kit, which has a unique animation. Not only does it customize the user interface, but the screen also comes to the fore using Rasengan and the five basic elements when the 4500mAh battery is being charged.

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In addition to this, the phone has a custom case (which if we can say so… is considerably uglier than the phone itself). The thing with the GT NEO 3 is that it’s perhaps not the best cell phone to own, at least when compared to other offerings on the market. If we take away the attraction of being able to load it in a ninja scroll, you have a MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor that gives you good performance, accompanied by a 5,000 mAh battery. They are not the best numbers, but if we can believe the international reviews, the CPU and the software make a good team to give a good independence to the cell phone. The cameras, on the other hand, aren’t that bright and not even the clone jutsu can save this. You come with a 50MP main lens and two 8MP and 2MP secondary lenses. A configuration that on paper does not promise you good photos… and in practice it does not seem to be able to deliver either.

Unfortunately, if you are a fan of Naruto and want this cell phone, you will have to try harder than the protagonist. The reason is that this special edition will only be sold in China for an approximate price of $599 dollars. Of course, you can request it through portals such as Giztop specialized in exporting equipment of this type, but remember that you must verify if you can homologate this type of equipment in the country.

Images: Realme

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