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This is ‘La Fortaleza’, the mansion where Lionel Messi sleeps after Argentina’s World Cup title

Lionel Messi in the Argentina National Team.

Photo: Juan I. Roncoroni / Getty Images

Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi, 35, is currently in his native country celebrating the title of the albiceleste team in the Qatar World Cupunknown, until now, when he will return to France to report with Paris Saint-Germain.

‘La Pulga’, as the striker is also known, has decided to spend these days at the rest home he owns in the community of Rosario, where he is from and where his fans have gathered in large numbers to greet him and Take a souvenir photo with him.

The property in question is located within the exclusive private neighborhood of Kentucky Country Clubso that access to the place is controlled.

Despite this, the surveillance of the place could not prevent the residents of the area or their friends from meeting outside the home of the former Barcelona player with the sole desire of seeing him up close, congratulating him on what he had achieved in Qatar and Dedicate some songs to him.

What is ‘La Fortaleza’ like, the resting home of Lionel Messi?

The residence, which covers a total of three lots, has about 25 rooms, in which the famous ‘Flea’, Antonela Roccuzzo and her three sons, Mateo, Thiago and Ciro, can have a great time without having to leave the house. House.

The Messi love nest has its own movie theater, with a games room, with an underground garage for 15 vehicles, with a gym, among other rooms.

“The house is divided into three. There is a part that is only for guests. Guests have access to the gym, they have access to the cinema, but everything is divided”, said the journalist Guido Záffora at the time.

Outside they enjoy extensive green areas and an outdoor pool, which they had to surround with imposing trees to prevent the curious or the paparazzi from capturing the family swimming or sunbathing.

“There was a neighbor, whose balcony of her room overlooked Lionel Messi’s pool. Obviously Jorge Messi said ‘I’ll buy you the house and continue building in the next neighborhood’. That sale could not be made because the neighbor began to ask for money and what did Jorge Messi do, she planted three poplars to prevent it from being seen and taking photos, ”the entertainment journalist shared about this detail of the luxurious property.

The imposing residence, which took nearly three years to build to the soccer star’s liking, would be worth close to $4 million.

It faces a beautiful golf course and would have been furnished with furniture brought from France, Israel and Italy.

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