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This is how you talk to your daughter about her first period

Everyday routines have returned and school is in full swing. But for many young girls, the new school year will not only mean new knowledge, but also new experiences and changes. School is a place where many people experience their first period, which can be both difficult and wonderful. INTIMATE has therefore collected some tips on how you as a parent can prepare your daughter for her first period in the best way.

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The first period can be experienced differently. There may be feelings of shame, confusion and a sense of resignation about growing up. But periods can also be something to feel proud and excited about. It can be difficult as a parent to know how best to prepare your daughter to tackle these physical and mental changes she may undergo in the coming school year. Therefore, the intimate health brand has INTIMATE collected their best tips.

This is how the first period can be a positive experience:

Talk about it in time

It is important to prepare your daughter for the changes that will take place in the future. The earlier you can have an open and natural conversation about menstruation, the greater the chance that she will be prepared, accepting and expectant of the changes the body will undergo. However, remember that everyone is comfortable differently and that you yourself know best how to talk to your daughter about topics that can be perceived as sensitive.

Celebrate the first period

Period Parties are a trend that has grown in recent years, where periods are celebrated with cakes and red balloons. Everyone loves to be celebrated. Therefore, you can prepare your daughter that there will be a party at home when her first period arrives, provided she is comfortable with it. This makes it more likely that the first period will be a fun thing.

Create a menstrual kit

Have a cozy shopping day where you go together and buy everything you might need for your first period. Buy a large nice toiletry bag and fill it with menstrual pads, chocolate, face masks and a heating pad. It will be an experience that opens up conversation in a fun way and the toiletry kit can become something you long to use. It can also be a good idea to create a smaller emergency kit to keep in the school bag.

Let kids be kids

Some young people yearn to grow up, while it is full of anxiety for others. Ageism is something common and accepted among adults, but few think that young people can also feel these feelings. It can therefore be good to point out that you are the same person both before and after your first period. Even though menstruation is a clear sign of growing up, life can go on as usual.

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