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This is how you succeed with crispy waffles – every time!

Do your waffles rarely turn out wonderfully crispy, but rather soft and doughy? Then you should continue reading. Here we have collected the very best tips on how to succeed with phrase waffles.

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Succeeding in crispy waffles is not as easy as you might think – there are several things that can contribute to a doughy texture. But luckily, there are some simple tricks you can use to get a perfect result every time. Below you will find the best tips for a really crispy waffle.

The batter

It may sound like overkill, but sifting the flour is actually a prerequisite for success with waffles. This reduces milk lumps, which means that the batter needs to be processed as little as possible.

Johan Hedberg advises on the site Matgeek not to beat the batter at all – this creates more gluten threads, which gives a tough result – but instead to stir with a spatula until the batter becomes smooth. Little lumps don’t hurt!

When the batter is ready, let it stand and swell in the fridge for 30 minutes or overnight, because this makes it airier. Letting the batter stand in the fridge before baking is crucial for the texture – the temperature difference between the cold batter and the hot waffle iron contributes to making the waffles extra crispy!


A waffle iron that reaches really high temperatures, a prerequisite for successful waffles. It may be worth spending an extra penny on an iron that maintains a high quality.

Use the right amount of butter on the iron when baking the waffles. Using too much makes the waffles sticky.

Do not forget to stir the batter well between bakings – otherwise the flour will sink to the bottom so that one half of the batter will be watery, while the other will be too thick.


If you don’t want to serve the waffles as they are ready, place them on a baking rack. Don’t pile them up, it makes them sticky and heavy.

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