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This is how you spring boost your feet in the best way – and get the skin in balance

Physical activity is positive for health and well-being and the majority of Swedes engage in some type of outdoor life. After a long winter, it’s a good time to prepare your feet for spring’s lovely walks and runs! We tell you how to proceed!

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A skin in balance is more resilient and with a focus on life’s small and large challenges now offers CCS innovative products that can both treat specific problems and work protectively and preventively. Below we list four tips that will help your feet get the best conditions for the coming season.

Give your feet a beneficial foot bath

The first step in your regular foot care routine is cleansing. Dry skin is poor in moisture, so invest in a rich moisturizing product. Let your feet relax in a foot bath with a good foot bath salt for 10 -15 minutes.

Lubricate your feet with a Swedish favourite

Do you have problems with your feet being dry, hard or crusty? Invest in a softening foot ointment daily. With CCS Foot Care Ointment, you can soften, moisturize and improve the skin’s protective barrier. The ointment contains moisture-binding urea and eucalyptus oil, which counteracts bad odors and gives a fresh scent.

Active feet need professional help

CCS Foot Pro is an advanced, multi-functional foot cream designed to treat cracked heels, calluses and dry feet. It also counteracts damp feet with a bad smell and gives a fresh scent.

Don’t forget the hands

Even the hands need a little extra love during winter and spring. CCS Nourishing Hand Cream is specially developed for very dry and sensitive hands that need daily care. It has three functions in one – softens, moisturizes and improves the skin’s protective barrier. The hand cream can also be used for dry cuticles. The hand cream is unscented and recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Association.

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