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This is how you quickly train for a job

Are you looking for a shorter route to a qualified job? During the autumn, there are several vacant training places that can increase your future job chances! Below we tell you how you can proceed.

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There are several ways to go if you want to increase your job chances through studies. At colleges and universities, there may still be some opportunities to get remaining places for courses, even if registration is actually done in the spring. For the courses that can still be applied for, it says “Open for late registration.”

Labor market education and universities of applied sciences

A labor market education can lead to various occupations with good future prospects, it is a short vocational education for occupations where there is a shortage of trained personnel. At a university of applied sciences, you will find courses with a focus on specific occupations, even there the courses are designed according to the needs of the labor market.

The municipalities’ adult education and folk high school

At a folk high school, you can obtain a high school qualification by enrolling in courses at elementary or high school level. You can also find courses that focus on different areas of interest. Through the municipalities’ adult education, it is also possible to get a high school diploma, but here, in addition to subject courses, there are also various vocational and apprenticeship courses as well as special school courses.

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