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This is how you prepare for the university entrance examination

Johan Ström is the HP expert who improved his result from 1.00 to 2.00 on the university exam. Below you can share his best tips on how to prepare.

Johan believes that it is important that you think about why it is important to get a good result. A clear goal can make it much easier to take the time to study and it is also important to study all parts, do old tests under time pressure and practice with explanations for the tasks. The most common pitfall, he believes, is that you study too little.

According to Johan Ström, professional help before the university exam acts as a lever when you want to quickly sharpen your skills and get help with methods and study materials. “We are like a PT for your university entrance exam. We have several years of experience in analyzing old university exams, and know which traps you can encounter. In our online course and intensive course, there is all the material you need to get a head start and achieve a top result,” he says.

5 best tips for succeeding in the university entrance examination

– Have a concrete target image in your head to maintain motivation throughout the preparation period. When you study, you can think about how valuable a good result can be for your future life and career!

– Practice old college exams, but make sure you have access to explanations for the tasks you fail. Otherwise, you won’t learn new knowledge!

– Simulate the college exam by printing an old exam and solving all parts under time pressure. That way, the nervousness and pressure won’t be as great when the test day comes.

– Mark and skip tasks that take too long, if you have time to spare at the end you can come back to them.

– Don’t forget the upload. In the days before the exam, it is important to recharge and make sure you are rested. It’s a very long day so make sure you have something to eat and drink with you so you don’t lose focus.

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