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This is how you make your acorn grow into a small oak

Everywhere there are small round and brown acorns. What better way to enjoy the acorn than as its own little oak in a vase (you can also plant it in a pot)? A lot of patience is required for those who want to grow an acorn. We list the best way to get your acorn to sprout.

Photo: Instagram @d96t0veg/Ilex Studio

Late September and all of October is the time when the acorns are perfectly suited to create your own plants from. Pick several pieces of acorns, because not all (rather fewer) make it. Feel free to look for those that already have a small tail.

Place the acorn in a bowl of water. After about three to six weeks, you can see if any have started to sprout. You can also place the acorn on some wet kitchen paper or in some damp sand.

The most important thing to think about when growing an oak plant is to change the water often and have the vase placed in a window where the plant gets a lot of light.

Acorn Lasagna

Photo: Instagram @d96t0veg

1. Pick up several acorns.

2. Take a large dish with edges. Lay out a layer of acorns, a layer of soil, a layer of acorns, a layer of soil, etc.

3. Water occasionally to keep the soil moist.

Put an acorn with its tail in water.

Photo: Swedish Tin

1. Pick a bunch of acorns (not all will sprout), look for those with a small tail.

2. Choose a small vase with a narrow opening. Fill it with water, all the way to the opening. In the slide show, we have selected 6 vases that are perfect for growing oaks in.

3. Place the acorn in the opening with the tail down (if the opening is too large, you can insert pins or toothpicks for support). The acorn should be half covered with water.

4. Place the vase in a bright window and wait. After 3-6 weeks you should be able to see a small plant.

Note! If you want to plant the plant in a pot once it has roots, be a little extra careful when planting so that the roots of the oak plant are not damaged.

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