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This is how you look your best on the ski slope – we list our favorites right now

When you go out on the ski slopes, it’s important to dress correctly – but also to feel good! We tell you how to best dress for the ski slope, both when it comes to practicality and style!

Photo: Instagram @perfectmomentsports

It can be more difficult than you think to navigate among ski clothing and find just what you need to stay warm and dry on the slopes. As the temperatures can vary, it is smart to dress according to the layer-on-layer principle and vary the clothes according to the day’s conditions on the slopes. Wool base coat, fleece and ski jacket are an excellent combination for a colder winter day, and the fleece can be changed for a thinner version if you go on a sunny spring day. By dressing in layers, you can easily remove one if you get too hot.

Below we list our favorites among ski clothing right now, women’s ski pants, ski jackets and everything in between.

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