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This is how you get spring-fresh hair – 3 simple tricks

Your hair is more affected by the climate and temperature changes than you might think. After the long and dark winter, it’s high time to take hold of the winter-weary hair and give it a real boost for spring and summer! Björn Axén has shared three simple tips for spring-fresh hair!

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When the seasons change, hair may need a little extra love to become its best self. Björn Axén has shared three simple tricks that get your hair in order in no time. Check out the tips below!

Take care of your tops

Your ends reveal a lot about the health of your hair! Split and tired ends cannot be missed, therefore one of the most important steps towards spring-fresh hair is to take care of them. With the help of caring wraps and deep-acting hair oils, it is possible to prevent wear. Therefore, make sure to take care of your ends by using hair care products that care for them even before the damage is done. In combination with nourishing hair care products, it is also important to cut the ends regularly. This will help you maintain healthy hair while creating a fresh spring look.

Nourish and moisturize

The dry winter air stresses the hair in many different ways and above all contributes to it losing moisture. When the hair has lost moisture, the outer layer of the strands no longer protects, which leads to the hair becoming dry, frizzy and static. Moisture is therefore essential for healthy spring hair and our tip is to prioritize moisturizing shampoo, conditioner and hair wrap that deeply moisturizes and cares for your hair. Make sure you apply conditioner and wrap right into the scalp to also moisturize that area. The skin on the scalp is the same as on the face and needs extra moisture after a long winter.

Refresh your hair color

Welcome spring with color! For those of you who want a clearer change, color is an excellent way to freshen up your hair for spring. There are many options and if you don’t want a permanent result, our tip is to try a hair color that can be washed out, for example Björn Axén Color Shot. A caring and temporary color pigment that is mixed with conditioner to quickly and easily give the hair a new color. For those of you who have already dyed your hair, color-preserving hair care products are the key to a long-lasting beautiful result. Use pigment preserving shampoo and conditioner as well as a caring color wrap to give your hair an extra boost for spring.

Below you will find the products that boost your hair!

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