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This is how you get rid of yellow tones in your hair

Has your blonde hair turned yellow after dyeing it? Here are the tips and products for how to remove – and prevent – yellow tones in your hair!

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That new blonde hair color we left the hairdresser with and felt so stylish in can take on an increasingly yellow hue after a while. The hairdresser often adds a tint to the hair after bleaching it, and each time you wash your hair, it disappears more and more. However, there are some tricks to prevent and remove yellow tones.

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Why does hair turn yellow?

First of all, fresh and healthy hair is key to keeping your hair looking good. The fact that the hair becomes yellow and dull is largely due to the fact that the hair is dry and damaged, which means that it attracts more exhaust gases and dirt. Therefore, avoid washing your hair too often, 1-2 times a week is enough (psst! Dry shampoo is our best friend!).

If you have hair that is very damaged or dry, it can be good to give your hair a real run with a conditioning conditioner or wrap to add moisture to your hair. If you apply the silver shampoo to hair that is very dry in certain places in the lengths or ends, there is a risk that the hair will absorb too much of the blue-purple shampoo in those places, which can lead to stained hair.

How do I apply silver shampoo?

The silver shampoo is applied to towel-dried hair, read on the packaging how long the product should work in the hair, this can vary by several minutes, so follow carefully what is written regarding the time. Then rinse your hair thoroughly! As the shampoo is a little drying, you need to get all the product out to avoid it continuing to work in the hair and therefore drying out more than necessary.

It’s rare to see a difference even after the first wash, but keep some ice in your stomach. The shampoo can be used 1-2 times a week and it can be combined with your “regular” shampoo if you tend to wash your hair often. Also pamper your hair with cool pigment wraps to maintain the cool blonde tone in your hair.

Do you have to use silver conditioner?

That said, silver shampoo can sometimes have a drying effect on your hair, but there are things you can do to remedy the problem. Complementing the shampoo with silver conditioner is an easy way to care for the hair, while preventing yellow shades.

What effect does color wrapping have?

A color wrap keeps the hair healthy and beautiful, and also stays in place for several washes. Try a blonde or beige shade if you have light hair, or a so-called silver wrap to overcome yellow tones in light and gray hair. A gentle and effective way to refresh your hair.

Below we list our best product tips for light hair!

Tip! Bleach your hair in a salon and not at home – avoid unnecessary risks by bleaching your hair at home.

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