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This is how you get over someone – the psychologist’s 10 best tips

Are you heartbroken and newly dumped, or has it been a while but you still can’t move on after your last relationship ended? Then there are some things you can do to get over the person more easily and move on with your life – we list them below.

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Regardless of whether it was you who chose to end the relationship or whether it was the other person who broke up with you, it is not always so easy to move on. But as you know, it doesn’t help anyone to live in the past – that’s why The Cut has chosen to ask the psychologist Paulette Sherman, who among other things wrote the book, Dating Advice from “Hi” to “I do”, on her best advice for getting over someone. You will find them here below!

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1. Allow yourself to grieve

In order to move on, it is important that you first of all allow yourself to feel all the feelings that you have. You will not escape them, if you push them away now they will only hold you back now and in the future. Give yourself enough time to grieve, and be sure to talk about it with your loved ones, so you can then let it go and move on.

2. Make sure you have someone else to call

We can all recognize that feeling that the person was – and in a way still is – the person you want to call immediately when something has happened, positive or negative. But remember that it is mostly a habit that you need to break!

– Put your mother or your best friend on speed dial. If there are certain moments when you used to talk to the person, see it as a chance to get closer to someone else in your vicinity instead. Then it is easier to break the habit and the risk of you calling him when you are in a vulnerable position is reduced.

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