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This is how you defrost the car windows quickly

Scraping ice off the car windows is the last thing we need when we’re in a hurry – but luckily there are clever tricks that will allow you to get rid of the ice quickly.

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Could a plastic bag filled with hot water be the answer to how to quickly defrost a car window? This is what the creator behind the TikTok account Simple Life of Sunshine thinks, who hints at this in a video that has a whopping 1.4 million views.

Got mixed reactions on TikTok

“A trick I learned on TikTok and showed my daughter this week,” reads the clip, which shows a woman filling a plastic bag with hot water and then swiping it over a frosty windshield, which immediately clears of ice.

In the comments section, however, the reactions to the trick are mixed – several people believe that it can lead to damage to the windscreen:

“Pouring hot water on a very cold windshield can cause it to crack,” warns one person.

“Use warm water, not boiling water, to avoid cracking the windscreen,” writes another.

Another user suggests they have a better trick:

“Simply mix isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle,” she advises. “It cleans and defrosts instantly. You can also dip the car keys in it if the lock freezes again.”

Check out the video below!

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