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This is how you clean the bathroom for spring

Brighter days are approaching and it is high time to freshen up the home for spring and summer. A clean bathroom is the key to it feeling fresh at home, below you can take advantage of five simple tips that will make the toilet sparkling clean and fresh for the new season!

After the long and cold winter, the sun’s rays have finally started to shine through our windows. But the fact that our homes are filled with light also means that we suddenly see all the stains, coatings and dust grains that have been hidden during the winter. Therefore, it is especially important not to skip the major spring cleaning. Below, the sanitary supplier GROHE shares five simple tips that will refresh your bathroom in the best way!

5 tips on how to freshen up your bathroom for spring and summer

When winter is to be cleaned out, it is not only shoes and winter clothes that need to be cleaned away. Even in the bathroom we accumulate a lot of things that take up unnecessary space. Toiletries next to the sink, products with past best-before dates and medicine cabinets full of clogs make the bathroom look messy, even though it has just been cleaned. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly clean the drawers and cupboards before starting work with the dishcloth.

  • Sparkling clean toilet with the help of vinegar

The toilet seat easily collects bacteria, so it is extra important to keep it clean. Difficult stains and coatings are easily removed with the help of vinegar. For a sparkling clean toilet seat – mix equal parts water and vinegar, apply to the stains and leave for a while before rinsing off with water. Making smart product choices can also improve hygiene in the bathroom. A toilet seat that is designed to be kept clean using rimless technology can be a good option to prevent bacteria from getting stuck.

  • Clean the sink – avoid common mistakes

To avoid dirt and bacteria, the sink should also be cleaned continuously, something that many people often neglect. Therefore, be extra careful during spring cleaning when it comes to the sink and the surfaces around it. Be sure not to miss dirt hiding around the faucet and under the sink. Depending on the design of the faucet, impurities can be difficult to access and to facilitate cleaning, a faucet with a uniform design can be a perfect addition to the bathroom.

Limescale on shower doors and fixtures is a common problem that can be difficult to remedy. Vinegar is something of a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning and a classic housewife trick for removing stubborn limescale deposits. Pour vinegar where needed, leave for a while and then rinse thoroughly with water.

  • Refresh or replace textiles

To make the bathroom really spring-like, it may be appropriate to refresh textiles that have accumulated stains and bacteria during the winter. Take the opportunity to exchange worn and washed out towels for new ones in the happy colors of spring. Even the bathroom rug may need a proper refresh. Take it out, shake it well and let it air while you clean.

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