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This is how you celebrate Hug Day on January 21

Saturday 21 January is Hug Day, a day when we are encouraged to hug a little extra. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to give someone a physical hug, there are many other ways to show care.

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January 21st is Hug Day, Hug Day or International Hug Day – a day created to draw attention to the hug and its importance.

The day was celebrated for the first time in 1986 when the American Kevin Zaborney invented “National Hugging Day” because he noticed that people often seem a little down between New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

Different ways to show care

From the beginning, the day was meant to be celebrated through physical hugs, but today many choose to pay attention to the day digitally by showing affection in different ways. Some send a virtual hug with an emoji or gif, others take the opportunity to call their loved ones.

Although the pandemic may make it a little more difficult than usual to give a physical hug, there are several different ways to pay attention to Hug Day. If you are not able to give a bear hug to your loved ones, why not take the opportunity to send flower mograms to someone you want to pay a little extra attention to?

Here are some beautiful bouquets to celebrate Hugging Day with:

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