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This is how we dated in 2022 – Situationships and alcohol-free dates

2022 was the year when we happily found a middle ground between a casual fling and a serious relationship, opted out of alcohol on the date and prioritized loyalty in a potential partner. This is how Tinder sums up the past year of dating!

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Every year, Tinder releases the “Year in Swipe” report, where they summarize the past dating year. This year’s report shows several interesting trends in dating: for example, many singles stated loyalty as one of the most important qualities in a potential date, more and more people are opting out of alcohol on dates, and interest in both activism and voting rights increased (84% and 37% respectively %) in Tinder profiles globally this year.

Situationship – one of this year’s big dating trends

Another trend that became prominent in 2022 is so-called situationships – something described as “more than a casual fling but not as serious as a relationship”. According to Tinder, it saw a 49% increase in members adding the new relationship intention to their profiles and more than one in ten young singles surveyed said they prefer situationships as a way to develop a relationship with less pressure.

Here are some more fun facts from Tinder’s annual report!

Top 10 Emojis in 2022 Globally in Tinder bios

The ten fastest-growing emojis on Tinder that show how we flirted and dated in 2022:

Top 10 interests in 2022 in Tinder profiles globally

The ten fastest growing interests on Tinder showing the shared interests that became popular

  1. Sneakers
  2. Sushi
  3. 90s Kid
  4. Anime
  5. Camping
  6. BBQ
  7. Try new things
  8. Street food
  9. Football
  10. Road Trips

Top 10 Dating Anthems 2022 from Spotify on Tinder Globally

  1. As it Was – Harry Styles
  2. Heat Waves – Glass Animals
  3. We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Encanto
  4. Bad Habit – Steve Lacey
  5. Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny, Chencho Corleone
  6. First Class – Jack Harlow
  7. STAY – The Kid, LAROI, Justin Bieber
  8. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush
  9. Pushin P (feat. Young Thug) – Gunna, Future, Young Thug
  10. Glimpse of Us – Joji

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