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This is how this entrepreneur earned a million dollars with Notion

How did an entrepreneur manage to make a million dollars with Notion templates? Just as you read, and it is the story that we are going to share with you in this article that will surely serve as great inspiration for your own business ideas.

Like many entrepreneurs, this young man started from scratch, using the resources at hand and putting all his knowledge to the test.

Winning a million dollars may seem like something far away that only happens to some successful people, but if you analyze very carefully how they got there, you will see possibilities of reaching your financial goals by applying some of their strategies.

How he made a million dollars selling Notion templates

The story of this entrepreneur is based on an interview he had with the American media Insider.

This young man began to generate online content in 2010 and later, when he was already at the University, he began to be interested in the study of digital information systems.

His name is Thomas Frank and in its beginnings, it used this platform that we are going to tell you about, only to plan how it was going to develop its content and earn money on YouTube.

Later, he began to realize the potential that a tool like Notion was having, which helps you organize ideas, list items, tasks, exercises, etc.

Due to the use that this entrepreneur gave to the tool, he ended up becoming an expert in its use, and from there, he became recognized in this market niche as a benchmark that added value to his online community.

How did you start your journey as a digital entrepreneur?

One of the most amazing things, and one that many of us overlook, is that you got the most out of it from the beginning without having to spend a cent, since this platform is free.

It is very important to highlight that this young man had a great boost thanks to the current situation he was experiencing when he started; an economic crisis that had left many of his acquaintances without his job, including family members.

With this in mind, he thought that he should train academically in a disciplined, conscious and at the same time super competitive way.

Within his professional projects, he created a profitable niche blog to help students get the most out of their studies, the tools offered by the University, and even created content to advise those who were starting to appear for job interviews.

How did you come to make a million dollars with Notion?

Once graduated, Thomas began to be interested in other communication channels through which he could continue sharing valuable content.

In 2014, he created a YouTube channel where he focused on offering advice on productivity, organization and ways to make life much more effective.

Once this channel began to become a profitable Internet business, Thomas began to grow his team, and with this the demands on the processes.

In this process of growth, he found in Notion a very efficient platform to keep track of tasks and follow up on the creation of his videos.

In this way, he began to share his knowledge with the use of this tool on his channel and people became more and more interested since it really is a very useful tool.

Value-Based Profitable Strategies

how much money does a youtuber earn examplesThanks to that knowledge, and his curiosity to learn more every day about how Notion works, he began to create functional templates and offer them for free to his followers.

With this strategy, he managed to create a fairly robust audience database, which would allow him to continue offering his services and products to a well-segmented audience, and most importantly, interested in what he had to offer.

Until that moment, his channel worked solely based on sponsored content, and it was when he came up with the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to talking about Notion, that is, further specializing his niche.

Time to sell specific solutions to your community

how do i win a million dollars with notion

Finally in 2021, the first Notion template based on its YouTube video creation and planning system was encouraged and released.

His chosen way to make money online was to market this template in an online digital goods store.

Because she first focused on building a digital community around her niche, she was able to continue to focus on creating content while her template successfully sold, generating up to $15,000 a month.

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It is certainly admirable what he achieved with minimal marketing effort, and without investing large sums of money in online advertising.

Later, it released another template for managing projects, which covers a much broader audience that really needs these kinds of digital tools every day.

However, Thomas says he doesn’t think the number of followers on a channel has much to do with the success of a product.

The key was to create such valuable content that their videos began to generate traffic and thus the algorithm began to show them to a much wider and more varied audience.

In 2022, it reached a million dollars in profits, thanks to the sale of these two digital products.

How to sustain a successful idea?

create infoproductNow, Frank knew that selling was not enough, so he created a support system for the use of these templates, because it is very clear that you can make mistakes if you do not know how to use them properly.

For this, he began offering technical support himself once he launched his first digital product. When this began to grow, he hired people who were exclusively in charge of this.

Finally, Thomas thinks that the most important thing is to fully understand the tool, and deep down he doesn’t worry much about his templates being copied because he knows that this happens in any industry.

Your key is to focus on the value you offer as a solution and not necessarily on the product itself.

So if you are interested in the world of infoproducts, this story will be a great inspiration for you to start today that business idea that you have dreamed of for a long time.

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