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This is how the richest man in Spain spends his wealth

Have you ever wondered how millionaires spend their fortune? In this article you will find how one of the richest men in Europe, and the whole world, spends his money.

It is not surprising that this makes us curious, since we usually imagine what we would do with so much money. However, we rarely know how people who have managed to amass billions of dollars spend it.

So stay until the end of this article, because here we are going to share the story of one of them, the richest Spaniard in the world, his origins, how he managed to build his empire and what he does with the money he has.

How one of the richest men in the world spends his wealth

This success story responds, of course, to the work of a lifetime.

Plus, it’s the result of making smart decisions, being surrounded by good financial advisors, and taking risks without waiting for wealth to magically arrive.

It is true, perhaps he was lucky, because his main business, that of textile manufacturing, was really the springboard to generate considerable income.

However, in order to get to this point, it took years before the millions started pouring into his bank account.

But, Who is the millionaire we are talking about?

This successful businessman is nothing more and nothing less than Amancio Ortegathe richest and most powerful man in Spain.

If you continue reading to the end, you will also learn about its history and how this whole journey began, which today can inspire you to create your own business.

Amancio Ortega, the richest man in Spain

Amancio Ortega, is the richest Spaniard in the world, has a fortune of more than 44,000 million euros to date.

He is known for being the founder of the Zara clothing chain, which got him to be in the 25th position, on the list of the richest people in the world, according to Bloomberg.

But so that you better understand where he comes from, we tell you that Amancio Ortega was born in Busdongo de Arbas, in 1936.

The son of a railway worker and a housewife, he began at a very young age to make clothes with his brothers.

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In addition, at that time, he also worked in clothing with Rosalía Mera, whom he later married and had his first daughter, Sandra Ortega.

In 1975, Amancio Ortega and his wife opened the first Zara store in the center of La Coruña, in Galicia. After more than a decade of work and effort, they finally began to bear fruit.

Finally they decided to unite under the same firm, the rest of the companies that were built around the textile manufacturing business. From there Inditex was born, one of the most successful companies in Spain.

However, and after having separated, Rosalía Mera died in 2013 at the age of 69. At that time, she was already the richest woman in Spain.

In 2002, Ortega remarried and had his second daughter, Marta Ortega, who today is the heir to Inditex.

Inditex, the company that catapulted him to get his wealth

inditex spanish companyTo give you an idea of ​​the success of this business, today, Inditex has 8 international brands, these in turn have more than 6,400 stores around the world.

Despite no longer having active responsibilities in his company, Amancio Ortega continued to spend time at Inditex’s headquarters, supervising and making sure everything was running smoothly.

In addition to his successful textile emporium, according to an article in Business InsiderAmancio Ortega invested almost 2,000 million euros during the last year in the real estate sector.

Among the many investments, it has properties in Miami, New York, Madrid and London.

What does Amancio Ortega spend his millions on?

amancio ortega spanishYou can imagine that this man has no restrictions when spending on what he wants, right?

Well, surprisingly, this millionaire has preferred to keep a low profile throughout his life, he is not seen when he is on vacation and has said that he prefers comfort to luxury, in fact, he dresses quite modestly.

However, one of his not so modest luxuries is the private jet he owns, guaranteed at around 40 million euros.

In his free time he attends equestrian events, where it is common to see him accompanied by his family.

In terms of money investments, recently, he purchased a skyscraper in New York for which he paid 500 million euros.

We cannot fail to mention that in 2001, his foundation was born, which is managed by his current wife. In 2017 alone, the foundation donated more than 300 million euros to the fight against breast cancer.

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Spend your money or invest it wisely?

After reading this success story, we would like to ask you: What would you do if you had all that money and could use it for whatever you want?

Of course, after working towards financial freedom, we would like to enjoy ourselves, rest and perhaps not think about anything that has to do with efforts.

But the reality is that most great entrepreneurs and successful businessmen have something in common: They have never stopped working on their goals, they have decided to save, invest and take risks.

The same, we hope you can learn and apply in your process to achieve your financial goals.

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