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this is how the Overwatch 2 battle passes will work • ENTER.CO

As we get closer to the release date, Blizzard shares new details about the changes that will come to Overwatch 2. And the curious thing is that in this new game the news does not seem to be in the champions or in the way it is played. … but on what at the end of the day you will have to pay to have the full experience.

This week we finally learned how Overwatch 2’s new battle pass system will work. And if you prefer the quick summary here it is: you’ll have to play a lot or spend money if you want to enjoy all the available characters.

free passes and payments

Like other games, Overwatch will feature two types of passes. The first one is a free one that will give you rewards every time you reach a new level and aims to make you play more. The Premium Pass, on the other hand, wants you to spend money if you prefer quick access to certain characters or cosmetic items.

Heroes: not paid… but hidden

First things first: Not all Overwatch heroes will be available in the same way. Some will be hidden behind battle passes. But this also does not mean that you have to spend real money to get them.

For example, if you want Kiriko (one of the new heroes) you will have to reach level 55 of the free battle pass. It is a goal that can be achieved, although it will require many (many…) hours of grinding and playing.

Overwatch 2

The other option is that you purchase the paid battle pass. With it you have immediate access to the hero that are available in the battle pass. Which also means that people who can afford the pass will be able to practice and get the upper hand in the meta.

Although this type of practices can annoy fans, the truth is that they are quite common in games that are free to play and it is an evil that is not exclusive to Overwatch 2. At best, the best we can hope for is that this time doesn’t result in a particularly annoying meta.

Images: Blizzard

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