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This is how the new AR glasses are that turn cars into a movie theater • ENTER.CO

Unfortunately, in Colombia, as in several Latam countries, electric cars like those of the manufacturer Nio have not arrived; but, the technological world does not stop for that. We can get an idea of ​​what we will see in the future in our country thanks to the new that Nio is preparing. The company argued that users will be able to watch movies that will be streamed on the front glass of their cars. This will be achieved thanks to the augmented reality (AR) glasses designed by the manufacturer, which are integrated with the car’s audio system.

The glasses, called Air Ar Glasses, are augmented reality glasses designed in collaboration with Nreal, a company that specializes in the development of this type of product. As described by the company, users will be able to enjoy a cinematic experience equivalent to a 130-inch screen, seen from a distance of four meters; all from the comfort of their cars.

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In addition, the company is integrating an entertainment system that offers users a catalog of 260 movies (compatible with Dolby Atmos) and 200 movies in 3D. However, Nio argues that this catalog will be regularly updated, although they did not report the frequency with which it will be updated. Likewise, the company argues that its new glasses are only compatible with PanoCinema, the new augmented reality platform also designed by the same manufacturer.

Nio glasses are already on sale for a price of 330 euros; the first stock of the product is limited to 500 units. Air AR goggles are compatible with ET7, ES7 and ET5 vehicles; however, they will have a stock of 300 units for the ES8, ES6 and EC6 cart models. Lastly, reports reveal that the Shanghai-based carmaker is making progress to enter the French market and preparing to enter other countries. At the moment it has not been confirmed if the company has Latin America included in its plans.

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