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This is how the facial recognition cameras that will be installed in Bucaramanga work • ENTER.CO

Facial recognition software is the new ally to fight crime in Bucaramanga, capital of the department of Santander. The goal is for this technology to help recognize those who have pending justice in real time through the network of 808 cameras located in strategic areas of the city.

Bucaramanga’s Secretary of the Interior, Melissa Franco, revealed that the surveillance cameras they will be integrated into the Automatic Biometric Identification System (Abis) with facial recognition. This system will recognize people who have police reports and you will issue alerts on video streams. The goal is to add Bucaramanga to the trend in other cities in the world that already implement this software and technology to combat crimes and delinquency.

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The way in which the cameras will operate includes capturing images through the city’s existing data network. These images are received in the computer equipment where the facial recognition system is executed. Once the biometric registration of the people is obtained, a facial template is generated. This data is what is sent to the local synchronization server of the city.

The comparison of the facial biometric records that exist in the database is executed on the server through a connection with the Central Synchronization Server located in the Dijin facilities in Bogotá. If a match is found, an alert will be activated in the platform’s alarm display software. An interesting aspect is that this facial recognition system will be managed and administered only by the National Police of Colombia and by the Dijin. At this time, the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga is carrying out the pertinent meetings to determine the phases and time of implementation of this technology.


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