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This is how radiant Gaby Spanic looked when she was a beauty queen more than 30 years ago

A day like today, but in 1973, the Venezuelan actress was born Gaby Spanicknown for playing two characters in the acclaimed telenovela “La Usurpadora”, where she shared credits with the Mexican actor Fernando Colunga.

Despite the fact that today she has a career made up of more than 26 melodramas and a dozen programs, the famous 49-year-old did not always dedicate herself to acting. In fact, His beginnings in front of the reflectors occurred in beauty pageants.

It should be noted that her career as a beauty queen began in the 90s, and these moments were immortalized through photographs that Spanic herself has decided to share on her social networks.

Such was the case of the black and white postcard with which the actress from stories like “I am your owner” and “Corazón Guerrero” was seen in her first sessions as a model. At that time, the famous woman was characterized by blonde hair, a porcelain face and a slim figure.

That great achievement that Gaby Spanic reaped after having become a participant in the Miss Venezuela contest, representing her native Guarico, did not go unnoticed either.

Although Gaby Spanic did not make it to the finalists and the crown was taken by Milka Chulina, this platform allowed her to launch her career as an actress after being called to participate in various melodramas within her country.

Now, this stage of his life can be remembered thanks to the various photographs and videos that have resurfaced through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. Within this last platform, videos of their participation in the contests have been published. Here we share one of them!

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