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This is how much Charlotte Perrelli’s luxury holiday in the Maldives costs

Anyone who follows Charlotte Perrelli on Instagram has hardly missed the artist’s photos from her holiday in the Maldives. Now reveals Happened what the trip is worth.

Photo: Instagram @laperelli

Charlotte Perrelli and husband Anders Jensen decided to go big for their latest trip – a luxury holiday in the Maldives.

At least SEK 20,000 per night

On Instagram, Perrelli shows off the lovely accommodation the family chose: the luxury hotel Soneva Fushi, which specializes in private luxury villas. The resort is of course close to the beach, and pictures show the family enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The resort is a 30-minute seaplane ride from Malé International Airport.

One can explore the island with free bikes, which Perelli posted on his Instagram Stories during the vacation.

But if it tastes good, it costs: According Happened a night at the hotel costs from 20,000 kroner up to several hundred thousand kroner – which means that the Easter trip has a price tag called duga!

The type of accommodation the family has chosen is not known, but undoubtedly they need plenty of space as they are a large group:

“A new house this time as there are ten of us on this trip,” writes Perrelli in one posts on Instagram. “Thank you beloved family for everything we do together. We have a lot of fun all the time.”

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