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This is how early you can buy a Christmas tree so that it lasts until Christmas

Now Christmas is approaching and there are very different opinions about when it is time to start decorating, playing Christmas music and, not least, buying a tree. We tell you how early you can buy a Christmas tree, and at the same time be sure that it will survive until Christmas Eve.

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By handling the tree in the right way, you can actually avoid much of the bothersome debarking. There are few things that disrupt the Christmas spirit as much as having to pull out the vacuum cleaner every morning. First of all, you should make sure to get a Christmas tree that is as fresh as possible. Then be careful not to place the tree too close to elements, stoves or other heat sources.

Wear and tear may occur

You should also not wait too long to buy your fir, as wear and tear can occur if it is stored for a long time. There is always a risk that the trees that are the last ones left before Christmas Eve will be missing both branches and needles. If you buy it far too early, however, it risks not staying in its best shape.

Shake off dead needles and shorten the tree if necessary. Cut slits in the base of the tree and water it often so that it does not dry out. The tree also needs to get used to the heat, so let it stand a bit before you start dressing it. Allow the tree to thaw slowly before placing it in the footing, a laundry room can work well. The root end is then placed in a bucket of water and the bar is immediately showered with cold water and again after a couple of hours. After about 8 hours, it is ready to be set up. You can also keep spraying water on the branches to keep it in better shape!

Basic tips for the Christmas tree

  • Choose a fresh fir tree
  • Let the tree get used to the house heat gradually
  • Water a lot
  • Cut slits in the foot
  • Make sure it has a fresh surface in the saw blade
  • Do not hit the root end against the floor (this will close the conduits for the water and the tree will soon begin to dry out due to lack of water.)
  • Feel free to spray water on the branches in the same way you shower flowers.

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